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Sportneer Bike U-Lock Set with 5 Ft Security Steel Cable

Sportneer Bike U-Lock Set with 5 Ft Security Steel Cable


Sturdy & Durable

Additional 5 FT Cable

Portable U Lock

Added Security

Various Uses

12 Ton Hydraulic Shear Resistance

Accompanying your U-lock is a heavy-duty steel cable so you can also secure other bikes, your wheels, helmet and lock to a wider variety of objects. Combine the U-lock and cable lock together to secure the bike’s frame to a locking surface, then loop the cable through your tires to keep everything safe and sound.


DO NOT leave your bike in high-crime areas or leave your bike unattended outdoors for long periods of time. No bike lock is 100% SECURE

Various Uses

Versatility is key, and you get plenty with the combo of the 5ft double-looped steel cable and the ultra-tough U-lock. Use them alone or in combination to secure wheels and accessories.

12 Ton Hydraulic Shear Resistance

Goal of bike locks is to prevent them from being cut. We’re glad to say that the Sportneer U Lock has strong cutting resistance, able to withstand 12 tons of hydraulic shear. Plus, your lock will last longer with the PVC coating which also helps prevent scratches on the bike.

Ultra-secure Zinc Alloy Lock Cylinder

At the heart of every lock is its cylinder, which is why we wanted to make sure this one was built tough. We gave this lock a zinc alloy lock cylinder with a complex structure to prevent it from being picked open. The rust-resistant keys have advanced serpentine slots for anti-theft performance.

Technical Specifications


Material: Silicone
Shape: U Shape


Item Weight: ‎2.86 pounds
Package Dimensions: 9.09 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches


1 x U Lock
1 x Cable Lock
1 x Lock Bracket
2 x Keys

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please be advised that each lock has its own key and each order includes two keys(in case that you lose one of the keys). And we are sorry that we don't have additional keys for the lock.

Please be advised that the answer is yes.

Please be advised that the thickness is the u lock part is approx.16mm(metal+rubber material).

Please be advised that this bike lock set includes two keys so you'll always have a backup.