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Sportneer Electric Balance Bike

Sportneer Electric Balance Bike




Focus on Fun & Challenge

Care for Young Riders

Ultra-Low, Adjustable Seat Height

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Gripy and Solid Footrest

APP Supported

Why Blance Bike

Balance bike is a type of learner bicycle that has no pedals, propelled by the rider pushing their one’s feet along the ground. Balanced bikes are designed to help young children about balancing and steering.

These bikes do not have any foot pedals, drivetrain, chain, gears, and gear shifters. They are normal pedal-less bicycle that teach toddlers as young as 18 months to balance on two wheels. Balance bikes are replacement for tricycle and training wheels. Therefore, balance bikes provide easier balancing, which results in the growth of the balance bike market in the coming years.

If you are a dirt bike (or motorcycle) family, an electric balance bike or small pedal bike can be a good way to get your child accustomed to a motor before throwing them on a motorcycle.

Focus on
Fun & Challenge

The Sportneer Blazer comes fully equipped with an industrial grade, lithium-ion battery and charger packed with 18 voltage and 3.5Ah (16 inch version with 18V/7.0Ah ), allowing riders to explore for 45-60 minutes.

Care for
young riders

NO sharp edge, protect childs from unwanted scratches; natural and soft material on position components like saddles and bar grips. Finish bike is certificated by the RoHs, CPC and CFR standards.

Adjustable Seat Height

Inspires riding confidence by allowing rider’s feet to be firmly planted on the ground. Also allows child to “dab” foot easily when off balance. Seat height can manually be adjusted based on the size of the rider.

Aluminum Frame

With a total bike weight of 7.9KG/17.4Lbs, a child can quickly build confidence & skill by having the ability to pick up the bike themselves. The Aluminum TIG welded frame and steel, BMX-style fork allow for a safe and fun ride.

Gripy and
Solid Footrest

Once a rider becomes more confident on the bike, the tapered footrests provide comfortable foot position for confidence.

Technical Specifications


12 inch version: 3 - 5 year olds
16 inch version: over 5 years old
Lithium-ion battery:
Battery life: 45-60 minutes
Speed: 14-18 kph


Versions: 12in & 16in
Weight: 7.9kg/17.4lbs


1 x bike
1 x user manual

Additional information


12 inches, 16 inches


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