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Sportneer Flywheel S1 Exercise Bike

Sportneer Flywheel S1 Exercise Bike


Sportneer LCD & Sports App Data Presentation

You can start your cycling journey at home. Real-time monitoring of cycling data, such as speed, duration, calories burned, cycling heart rate, etc., helps you visualize your cycling status and make your cycling more efficient. We provide videos and courses of excellent real-world cycling routes all over the world, exercise and wonderful scenery at the same time

Frame stable structure design, Ride Steadily even a Large Body Weight

Triangle-shaped stable structure body with extra wide “H” shaped base design makes it more stable when riding. Handrail tube thicker, hand grip grip better and safer, the body surface is arranged with piano baking paint process. Wear-resistant appearance, long service life.

Commercial large size steel tube design, commercial large crank and crank shaft design, all-aluminum pedal load-bearing greater, large weight can also be safe to ride

Intelligent magnetic control system with upgraded resistance, infinitely adjustable resistance, lighter and more flexible control

Innovative intelligent magnetic control resistance system design, no physical friction between magnetic element and flywheel, more smooth and silent, also can emergency brake.

All aluminum flywheel + neodymium iron boron rare earth magnets, greater resistance, generate more power, meet the needs of high-intensity sports, better experience than the bulky iron flywheel.

All aluminum flywheel, rust-proof longer service life, lighter carriage, convenient and easy to move. Family sports riding very quiet

Comfortable seat-saddle for men and women

This wide bike seat is flexible and ergonomic, and its universal construction makes it compatible with Soprtneer bikes.

Handlebar-Flexible handlebar design for multiple riding positions

More friendly to people of different heights, ergonomic triangular structure makes movement easier

Pedals-Pedals with toe clips and straps

Aluminum cage pedals are designed specifically for Sportneer bikes, converting Look Delta pedals into toe clip straps, allowing you to ride Sportneer bikes with sneakers on.

Water bottle cage – timely hydration The water bottle holder fits most standard size water bottles.

Flat Footing – Exercise Anywhere

Whether you need to level or adjust at home or in the workplace, you can quickly fix it by leveling your feet.

Bluetooth connection. You can follow the data, step by step, and eventually, you’ll get your goal.

Weight Capacity–240 Lb. Weight Capacity

Height limit–4.9 Feet-6.2 Feet

Warranty–1-Year Warranty

Contact Sportneer customer service for support with any issues covered under the 12-month limited parts and labor warranty.

Product Weight–28.5 Kilograms


Sportneer APP

Quiet Magnetic Resistance System

Universal Size

Sturdy Structure

Fully Adjustable

Belt Drive

Ride Your Way to Fitness

Use Sportneer App to view your data and adjust training methods

Sportneer APP

Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel


Exercise bike indoors has a decompression effect, but you can’t breathe the fresh air of nature. Outdoor rides provide amazing views as well as a change of environment. But if the weather is unpredictable, this will impact the training plan.

You’d better wipe the whole bike after each workout with the wipes which do not contain bleach, or even baby wipes, can also be used to clean the frame of your bike.

Of course, yes. Bike riding is an excellent cardio workout. It can help boost your heart and lung health, improve your blood flow, build muscle strength, and lower your stress levels. On top of that, it can also help you burn fat, torch calories, and lose weight.

Burning calories is a major reason why many people do cardio. When comparing the calorie burn from treadmills versus stationary bikes, you have to consider the intensity and duration of your training. Over a 30–60-minute session, these small differences can theoretically add up. Still, if you bump up the intensity on the bike just a little or add a few more minutes of training, you could easily be burning more calories stationary cycling than treadmill running.

Technical Specifications


Color: Black
Material:Stainless Stell
Maximum Weight: 240 Pounds


Package L*W*H:40.5*30.5*10.5inches Package Weight:34.47KG(76lbs) Item Weight:62 Pounds


1 x Bike

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