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Sportneer Smart Scale

Sportneer Smart Scale



Industry Leading Accuracy

Full Body Composition Analysis

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connection

Family/Fitness Studio Friendly


Easy to Read

The Smart Way to Stay Fit

Sportneer Smart Scale data will support everyone's unique wellness journey.

Industry Leading Accuracy

Full Body Composition Analysis

Technical Specifications


Material: Glass
Power Source Type: Corded-electric
Power Supply: 400mAh lithium battery
Measurement Range: 0.4 - 396 Pounds


Product Dimensions: 12.59 x 11.81 x 0.82 inches
Product Weight: 4.37 Pounds


1 x Scale
1 x Measuring handle
1 x Type-C charging cable

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The product comes with a storage bag in which the handle and charging cable may be stored when not in use. 

The APP allows you to add as many users as you want. Non-registered users who wish to see their information can request that the registered copy of their data be exported and shared via PDF from an already registered user's account.

The 4-eletrode body fat scale measures only the body resistance of the lower limbs and then calculates the body data such as fat and skeletal muscle by the human body model algorithm. The 8-electrodes and 6 circuits. When using the scale, you should let both your feet and hands touch the handle of the scale to get more accurate date of your upper limbs, trunk, lower limbs, and other body data, allowing you to understand the distribution of body fat and skeletal muscle more clearly.

Sportneer provides 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason, 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

1.Those who have metal objects or electronic medical equipment in the body are not recommended to use this scale, which may affect the measurement results. Those who are equipped with pacemakers, artificial lungs, and electrocardiographs are prohibited from using this scale. 
2. Remove the jewelry fittings or metal fittings from your body before weighing, preventing the metal objects from interfering with the micro-current and thus affecting the measurement results. 
3. Make sure to take off the socks and gloves before using the scale. For people with thick cuticles on the palms and soles or with dry skin, the skin conductivity will decrease. You can wipe the skin with wet tissue to increase the skin conductivity. 
4. The measurement should not be performed directly after strenuous exercise, showering, massage therapy, and other activities. For after the above-mentioned activities, users may have physiological reactions such as accelerated blood circulation, sweating, and loss of body fluids, which leads to great fluctuation and uneven distribution of the body's water and is thus likely to affect the results. 
5. Do not measure immediately after catching a cold, fever, overeating, drinking a lot of water, or drinking alcohol. 
6. As the standing time increases, the lower limbs are prone to physiological edema. It is recommended to weigh in the morning. 
7. Before the measurement, stand still for 5 minutes to make the water in your body distribute stably and to adapt to the body position during the measurement.

Open the Sportneer App, find the "Add Relatives and Friends" section on the homepage, and click the "+" sign on the right. After entering user-related information, the app can distinguish and track each person's health information individually.

Please make sure the Sportneer APP is updated to version 1.1.7 or above, open the Sportneer app, click "Me" > "Settings" > "Google Fit".

If you only measure your weight, it will be displayed instantly, and if you measure various body composition data, it will take about 30 seconds.

If you want to know your body composition like body fat, BMI, muscle and water, etc. You need to connect the handle. If your handle is disconnected, the scale can only measure your body weight.

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Weight 1.95 kg


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