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Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights

Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights




Adopted soft iron, the smart ankle and wrist weights give more comfortable fitness experience when companing to the traditional weighted products. The product uses non-traditional iron ore, which won’t leak sand and damage your ankles. Besides, it has a longer service life. With built-in smart module, the product brings you professional weighted aerobic experience by using together with fitness courses in the Soortneer APP and even makes us redefine the wrist and ankle weighted products.

  • Loading weights on your ankles & wrists will make your body bum more fat accelerate your heartbeat, increase the booys oxygen consumption, and increase muscle strength.
  • Enhance cardiorespiratory endurance and explosive power.
  • You can train with smart wrist &ankle weights indoors and achieve more multidimensional exercise data and professional exercise guidance through the APP.
  • Outdoor running can obtain real-time heart rate, number of steps, map trajectory and other data through smart wrist & ankle weights.

Global Industry First

The Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights are the industry’s first smart ankle weights to help people of all fitness levels train more intentionally. Make your exercises more entertaining and professional. Wear the Sportneer TrainNTrack ankle weights on your calves, ankles, wrists, or arms, and enjoy your smart workout journey.

High-Precisely Tracking Your Movement

Heart rate chips and a six-axis gyroscope support the data collections and calculations with high precision. It tracks your workout movements by measuring and calculating the motion frequency, angle data, motion mileage, and calories burned.

Heart Rate Warning 

The built-in heart rate monitor helps users be more aware of their overall state, performance, and workout fatigue. When the heart rate raises over safe levels, the TrainNTrack Ankle Weights will vibrate non-stop, reminding the users to take a break.  

Recording & Improving Your Exercise

On the Sportneer APP, you can check the heart rate, the number of steps, exercise frequency, exercise time, calories burned, mileage traveled, and other exercise data. On the APP, you can make a customized exercise plan according to your exercise data and goals.

In-App Free Training Tutorials

The Sportneer App has eight different training categories and offers over 71 exercises, free for any Sportneer APP user.


The TrainNTrack Ankle Weights are constructed with innovative materials like soft iron stuffing that hold their shape without shifting. This provides durability, versatility, and comfort for any workout that other ankle weights can’t match.

The TrainNTrack Ankle Weights were designed with the science of sports in mind. Engineered, developed, and tested by Sportneer’s resident personal trainers.

Global Industry First

High-Precisely Tracking Your Movement

Heart Rate Warning

Motivate Users to Improve

Ultra-Comfort with Innovative Materials

Long Battery Life

A Smarter Way to Train

The Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights are the industry's first smart ankle weights.

1. Stand with your feet slightly apart, arms down on the sides.
2. Bend knees and jump slightly. Bend hips when landing on, with feet slightly wider than shoulders. Touch the ground gently with hands.
3. Jump up and back to the starting state.
4. When squatting, open the knees outwards in the same direction as the toes. Do not exceed the toes.
5. Always keep your back straight, movement lithe and flexible.

1. Alternately jump while clasping hands under the thigh.
2. Raise your knees to the highest position to get ready for hand clasping.
3. Keep your upper body straight when clasping.
4. Try your best to ensure lithe, flexible movements.

1. Get into a push up position with your elbows. Keep your head, shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles in a straight line.
2. Raise the legs alternately to the highest point and keep the supporting leg and upper body still.
3. Fully straighten your legs during the movements.

1. Continuously tighten your ab.
2. When your knees are close to the elbows, keep the knees and palms in the same direction.
3. Keep the moving frequency and your body stable.
4. Open your chest and tighten your ab. Straighten your arms naturally and make it perpendicular to the ground.

1. Stand naturally, open your chest, tighten your ab, put your hands on the side of your thighs.
2. Lower your shoulders, and raise your hands to enable the elbows in the same height as your shoulders.
3. Palms down, and move at a steady speed.
4. Raise your hands to make the arms are parallel to the ground.

1. Stand upright, open your chest and tighten your ab. Droop arms naturally in the front of body.
2. Bend your elbows slightly. Engage the shoulder to drive hands to the front of you slowly without shaking or other force until the arms are parallel to the ground as you exhale.
3. Stay at the top for a while, feel the contraction of shoulder muscles, and then slowly lower the arms to the starting position.

Recording & Improving Your Exercise

In-App Free Training Tutorials

Technical Specifications


Weighted Material: Soft Iron
Fabric Material: Composite Lycra Fabric


Power Supply: DC 5V/500mA
Battery Capacity: 210mAh
Lasting Time: 35 hours
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Maximum Transmission Power: ≦ 0dbm


1 x Smart Ankle & Wrist Weights Sandbag
1 x Sandbag
2 x Magnetic Charging Cable
1 x User Manuel


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. The smart module is removable. You can take it out from the front side under the velcro strap of the ankle weight.

Yes, you can hand wash them but make sure to remove the smart module before washing.

No. It is not recommended since it might break your washing machine. Please remove the smart module and then wash or rinse the ankle weights.

Yes, a purchase is for a pair of the TrainNTrack Ankle Weights.

Yes, the app is free for all users, no subscription fee required.

The coach's movement data in tutorials will be set as the standard - your own exercise data will be compared to the coach. If you complete the movement accurately and achieve the relevant standards, you will achieve the score. Meeting the standards continuously means you will obtain a higher training score.

 The accuracy of exercises is measured by the built-in 6-Axis Gyroscope. The axis gyroscope sensor, equipped with 3 axes measures the rate of turn, with 3 axes measuring acceleration, enabling data collection whilst tracking workout movement with fantastic precision. After collecting workout data, this is compared to the system recorded standard data. If the figures of 6 different axes are matching with the standard data figures in the system, then the system will give a judgment of body action that is precise and accurate.

The TrainNTrack Ankle Weights can be safely incorporated with a vast range of exercises including Running, Indoor Workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic Exercise, Anaerobic Exercise, Boxing, Basketball, Football, and Jump Rope.

Additional information

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