Massage Gun

Sportneer offers value massagers that meet all your expectations!

If you are looking to purchase a new massager, you should definitely check out Sportneer’s percussive massage guns. Both models are priced under $130 USD and check all boxes when it comes to functionality. They utilize therapeutic percussion massage therapy that provides all the benefits described above.

  • The Sportneer K1 Percussive Massage Gun($99.99 USD) only weighs 1.8 Ibs, making it highly portable and easy to hold. It can be neatly packed into a round case that fits in your bag. The massager only reaches 35 to 55 decibels while in use, so neither you nor your family will be bothered by its noise. The massager has 5 speed levels (1200 RPM/min, 1600 RPM/min, 2200 RPM/min, 2800 RPM/min and 3200 RPM/min) that provide different levels of massage intensity. You can use the lowest intensity before a workout to wake up your muscles and then use Level 4 intensity for a deep muscle massage afterwards. You can freely adjust the intensity to meet specific needs. The percussive massage gun comes with six different massage heads including 2 metal heads that can be used with essential oils. The fork head is best for massaging the spine, the bullet head is for the palm and bottom of the feet, the flat head can be used on the whole body, and the ball head is most effective for large muscle groups such as your back and hips. The massager is equipped with a rechargeable 3400mAh lithium battery and can last up to 6 hours after being fully charged. For your safety, there is also a 10-minute auto-off function to prevent overheating.
  • The Sportneer Elite D9 Percussive Massage Gun ($129.99 USD) is a slightly upgraded version of theK1 model. It is equipped with a 16.9V brushless motor and has a dual bearing structure. The massager is whisper quiet and offers a range of vibration modes as well as 6 alternative massage heads. It is slightly larger and heavier than the K1 model (2.3Ibs) but has 1 additional vibration mode.

With amazing products comes amazing after sales services. Sportneer’s customer service team is always passionate and ready to help. If you are not happy with the product you received, do not hesitate to contact them